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Energy Efficiency


  • Installation of Category 6A STP structured cabling to approx 1000 locations in Office Areas
  • Installation of Category 6A STP structured cabling to approx 1000 locations in the Data Centre
  • Installation of Copper Backbone Cabling (Voice)
  • Installation of Fibre Optic Backbone Cabling (Data)
  • Installation of equipment cabinets for distribution cabling
  • Installation of equipment cabinets in the Data Centre
  • Installation of Category 6 structured cabling for CCTV

The Siemon Company were the nominated manufacturer for the structured cabling components including Category 6A STP cable, Category 6A STP patch panels / outlets and Category 6A STP patch leads.

Weekly site meetings with the DESA Project Managers, Head Contractor (Peninsula Development Group) and Consulting Engineer (JJA Consulting Group) ensured the project was kept on track and that Linfox were kept up to date with progress. Regular tool box meetings on site between DESA technicians and Project management staff also ensured that everyone knew what was expected.

The challenges for this project included the uniquely strict testing guidelines imposed by the consulting engineer, as well as the tight time frames imposed by the construction schedule.

Being a shielded system, this breaks the mould of the traditional UTP (unshielded) systems being used in the Australian market today. With the ever increasing bandwidth requirements being imposed on today’s cabling systems a shielded solution was considered a major advantage over a traditional UTP solution.

The Category 6A STP system will outlast a conventional Category 5e or Category 6 cabling system by a number of years. This longevity of the cabling system will offer significant long term cost savings and also the reduced environmental impact because of the site not having to be re cabled for a longer time.

Due to the standard for Category 6A only being ratified just before the commencement of the project, DESA invested in the latest technology test equipment for the Linfox Project and had to make sure that the latest software versions were kept up to date on all the test equipment.


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